Main Stage

The Main Stage is organized by VRROOM Ultimate VR Experiences. Attend the biggest stage on the festival and see several SLAM FM DJ's performing on this stage. They already played on some big festivals like Tommorowland. One of Belgiums greatest House DJ's can be admired here! It will be a mix of Techno, Deephouse and Techhouse. The Main Stage can be visited on the Saturday event.


Exoplanets Stage

By far the most extraordinary stage there is. Are you ready to visit the one and only alien stage on the festival? Leave the safe environment of Earth and let yourself be shot to another planet to watch even more awesome performances. There will be live sets of several SLAM FM DJ's on the Saturday event!

Pinguin Radio Stage

Pinguin Radio, the number 1indie/alternativemusic community of Europe, presents their PRO Penguin Artists. These artists arise from a community where we bring people with love for music and the people that create that music closer together. The upcoming talents of the Pinguin Radio stage bring you a wide range of music genres; punk, electro, indie, reggaeton, Dutch pop, grunge, alt-rock. There will definitely be a new favorite between them for you to discover!

Secret Stage

The Secret Stage is created to get those secret island vibes. The stage is made in a cave, so the only way to visit this stage is by an entrance through the water.

The main genres are Progressive House, Bass House & Future House. The stage will be filled with international, upcoming artists in the music scene who already played on some big festivals like EDC MEXICO, Tomorrowland & Ushuaïa Ibiza.

House of Cards Stage

You'd be forgiven for thinking that setting up a house of cards in the windy Bahamas was a very bad idea. But this is a sturdy affair, built with an eclectic mix of only the best ingredients. Variety, innovation and just plain fun: If anyone's going to get blown away, it's going to be you!

Hakuna Matata Stage

In the few years since its opening, Neushoorn has become a new tradition, a home to a broad palette of shows, artists and events. This stage is shot through with the DNA of modern music. Familiar or cutting-edge; comforting or challenging; entertaining or thought-provoking: you can find it all here.

Roadtrip Stage

The Roadtrip Stage is host to all manner of talented young artists who attend one of 7 different music colleges from across the entire Netherlands. The Roadtrip stage offers you a fine selection of contemporary music styles: alternative rock, synthpop, bluegrass, hiphop, R&B, EDM, singer-songwriters and many more.

To attend this stage you will have to navigate your way to a castle that rises majestically from the sea…. This is where the magic happens!

D'Drive Stage

The D'Drive Stage will showcase a selection of the young talent at D'Drive Podiumkunsten, Productie & Events: a college in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. There will be dance, theatre, bands, DJs, in a whirlwind of styles and genres. Be prepared to be amazed by a whole host of wonderful new artists!