Psy-Fi Island

The world's most unique island. There will be played psychedelic music only here. Take soms drugs and become one with the environment. You can visit this island by pulling yourself across with the help a rope. You can find this at the Pinguin Radio Stage. Challenge yourself and see if you can reach the island within 2 minutes!

Wildlands Adventure Zoo

Besides several activities and performances in music, dance and theater, you can visit the Wildlands Adventure Zoo. There are several exotic animals to see you have seen so close before. This place is accessible by crossing the island at the Main stage.


The chill-area is provided with a campfire and a place to sit-down and relax. There will be some live-performances of several artists. Take a look whenever you want! The chill-area is the same place as the Hakuna Matata Stage

Ex On The Beach

Ex on the Beach on the Bahama's. Visit this amazing party villa, based on the famous televison program, including a swimming pool, music and terrible exes! You can reach this place by crossing the Wildlands Zoo Island.

Hidden treasures

There will be released a location of a secret treasure, every 8 hours. Be the first one to find the exact location and win awesome prizes!

Music, dance and theatre

The island offers 8 stages with unique performances in music, dance and theatre. Every stage has their own selection of exclusive performances with DJ's, dancers, bands en singer-songwriters.