The best XR party that will happen
18, 19, 20 June 2021


8 stages with various genres in music, dance and theatre

Wildlands Zoo

Visit the exotic zoo with animals you have never seen so close before!

Psy-Fi Island

Take some drugs, end up in a trip and become one with the island.

Hidden treasures

Find the location of the hidden treasure!


Fyre XR is based on the famous Fyre Festival of the well-known Netflix documentary The Greatest Party That Never Happened. This dance event is known as the world's biggest festival flop. We guarantee that the Fyre XR festival will happen! Fyre XR is a tropical VR festival that takes place online on Norman's Cay Island in the Bahama's. It is an unique way to experience a summer festival in VR. 8 stages with different kind of genres in music, dance and theatre. These stages are provided with exclusive performances of artists, DJ's and bands. The online festival will last the entire weekend of 18, 19 and 20 June 2021. There will be a total of 75 performances in three days!

Early access offer

Get an Early Bird discount of 30% on your Saturday ticket for the 19th of June, or get an exclusive 35% discount on the passe-partout for the entire weekend. The whole package is available for 9.99,- (regular price: 14.99,-)


FYRE XR is a tropical virtual reality festival that takes place on Norman's Cay Island in the Bahama's. It is a VR festival with different kind of genres in music and dance. The online festival provides 8 stages with a total of 75 performances.

FYRE XR is an unique way to experience a tropical VR festival. You can virtually move over the island, visit several performances, search for hidden treasures and do several other activities.

It is a virtual festival, based on the island called Norman's Cay in the Bahama's. You can participate by downloading the VR version on Steam or get tickets for the WebGL version.

If you purchased a passe-partout for the whole weekend, you have access to every stage there is on the island. When you only purchased a ticket for the Saturday event, you have access to the performances only on this day. If you purchased a ticket for the WebGL version, you have access to all stages, every day.

Steam has more than 100 different payment options and supports more than 35 currencies. Check out the Steam site to see if your option is allowed.

The one day ticket will give you access to the Saturday event. You can get access to all stages by adding the Friday or Sunday event for an extra 2.99,-

For the best experience we recommend to use a VR headset, but it's also possible to experience the festival in FPV on STEAM or with the WebGL version.

The WebGL version is intended for people who do not have STEAM account and still want to visit the festival. WebGL is available via a live link on the website.

All STEAM VR headsets are suitable.

The FYRE XR app can be downloaded on STEAM.

There isn't a mobile version available because this doesn't provide the correct experience.